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We make films, shots and photos using unmanned aerial vehicles, the so-called drones.

We can offer realisation of complete films, as well as specific takes / photos of a given place, event or object. We have two pieces of equipment used for the realisation of films – in 4K resolution (UHD: 4096x2160p) and photos in 12MP resolution. We are licensed to make commercial flights (UAVO, VLOS MR – 7KG). We can also take care of the formal procedures necessary to make a flight in conformity with the law.

We also have the necessary camera skills to make aerial films – the appropriate framing, the motion of the camera and exposures, which sets us apart us from our competition. From 2015, we spent more than 300 hours in the air, realising material in different locations and in various weather conditions.

Examples of our works:

Others projects you can find in PORTFOLIO section.